Fearless Storytelling Workshops

Be Seen.     Be Heard.     Be Known.

A Fearless Storytelling workshop will teach your organization’s public speakers to loosen up, be relatable, and make their presentation data come alive. We’ll have fun creating stories and jokes that audiences love. In a spirit of authenticity and connection, we’ll mine your organization’s story for the vital human stories within it.

Let’s give audiences the connection and authenticity they crave. Let’s say goodbye to cold formality and robotic recitation. Many public speaking coaches will tell speakers to start or end their presentation with a story; Fearless Storytelling will specifically teach speakers how to write and present those stories.

Workshops can be tailored to your organization’s needs for training an authentic, engaging story crew, and can include the following elements: discussions of movie and storytelling plots, sharing of stories, writing-and-editing-aloud practice, improv techniques, joke creation, and other structured play.  Participants can create a hook story to introduce a pitch, to weave throughout the pitch, or to be told as a stand-alone piece to motivate coworkers and employees in-house. Participants can also write at least one joke.

Workshop & Speaker Options:

  • One-on-one public speaking and speech-writing trainings, with a focus on stories and jokes
  • Small group workshops during which participants create and tell a story, with the goal of using these stories later for pitches or presentations
  • Storytelling as entertainment by Molly McCloy as emcee combined with at-your-table ice-breaker story sessions for banquets, gatherings, or team-building sessions
  • Webinars or online trainings
  • Custom tailored workshops to facilitate your organization’s needs
  • Keynote addresses for organization events and conference

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